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We know that obtaining a second medical opinion can be a difficult task. Not only is finding a trusted medical specialist challenging, but time and costs can quickly add up. At Paire, we connect you to high-quality, trusted U.S. medical specialists immediately, and within days provide you with a detailed report giving you a clear path forward.

The Paire Experience

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By completing the simple form below, a Paire Experience Representative will contact you within 24 hours to assess your needs and discuss your options.


Based on your assessed needs, we’ll provide you with a detailed listing of what medical information and records are needed. You will then upload the documents into our secure platform.


Within 72 hours, we will provide you with a detailed report, which depending on your needs will contain a combination of your diagnosis summary, further test suggestions, or recommended treatment paths.


Communicate further with your assigned medical specialist*

Undergo further testing as recommended to better determine your next steps

Move forward, comfortable with the knowledge and guidance from the world’s best consultants


*Additional costs may apply
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If needed, additional communication with our medical specialist or other specialists is available*.

*Additional costs may apply

Virtually connecting you to the very best U.S. Medical Specialists for second medical opinions.

The Paire Difference

Guaranteed Quality

We know that you and your family's medical needs are of the utmost importance. That is why we have a network of some of the very best U.S. medical specialists ready to provide you with a second medical opinion.

Rapid Response

We realize that when diagnosed with a critical condition that time is of the essence. That is why we aim to provide you with a second medical opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan within days.

Convenient Access

Navigating medical records can be a cumbersome and confusing experience. Our Paire Experience Representative will navigate you through our unique document curation process, ensuring all relevant information is readily available for our U.S. medical specialist's review.